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Article: Video Conferencing is Here to Stay. Are You Ready?

For the past 10 or so years, there has been a steady increase in video conferencing, as globally distributedpanies shifted from in-person meetings and teleconferences to video meetings. But as we have seen, a crisis like the one we’re currently facing can accelerate the adoption of new technology and drive permanent change in behavior. That certainly seems to be the case with video conferencing.For those in IT who are responsible for provisioning and managing video conferencing systems, this moment represents an opportunity to get ahead of theing wave in video adoption. While people are working from home, IT teams can use this time to focus on the following:With a majority of the workforce at home, this is a good time to make sure conference room devices and systems are current, including updating software and firmware for your video conferencing devices..

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Mirrors, selfies and knowing other people are looking at you all cause people to think of themselves as objects. Video calls are all three in one and are likely increasing the harms of self-objectification..


Our site uses cookies to provide you with the best possible user experience, if you choose to continue then we will assume that you are happy for your web browser to receive all cookies from our website.Zoom, the video conferencing software, which allows users to talk to up to 99 other people simultaneously has emerged as of the most popular downloads. Zoom was downloaded 2.13million times on March the 23rd, the day lockdown was announced in the UK..

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As little as fiveyears ago, video conferencing and collaboration was considered “leadingedge” and only the largestpanies could afford the heavy upfrontinvestment for equipment, dedicated room space and a team of people to manageit.Fast forward to 2020+ and the investment has shrunk to pennies on the dollar.You can now “video enable” aconference room for less than $5,000 (in fact, we have room kits for less than$2000).And supporting those roomsdoesn’t take an army of technical wizards either – anypany can have a room upand running in less than a couple days.Cost and technicalexpertise is no longer a barrier for anypany.What holds many people back is perception,more than reality..

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For example, IT now routinely provides tech support to thousands of employees whose technology and equipment they cannot directly see or handle. And employees are learning to get by as they go back and forth between the office and a home environment that may not be ideal for working.For some, that means participating in meetings with whatever headset or webcam they have on hand – whether optimized for business or not. Or relying on their laptop’s built-in hardware for video conferencing. That can be a problem because laptop audio and video capabilities are often subpar, and do little to recreate the in-person experience or create a sense of immersion..

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Owned by Microsoft, has be synonymous with video calling. It’s familiar to many, functional and free, offering messaging alongside voice and audio calls for up to 50 people. If you’re not already a user, however, some can find it awkward to set up, and it’s also starting to show its age in the face of newerpetitors.Zoom provides reliable, high-quality video conferencing through an advanced user interface. Meetings can be joined by up to 100 people for 40 minutes in the free version, and hosts have a range of user-friendly controls to keep things in order.What it lacks in sophistication, Google Hangouts makes up for in the fact that it’s quick to set up and easy to use..

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