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Remote Work Security Survey Results: Is Remote Work Really Secure?

Remote statistics show that 41 of remote workers are accessing confidential work information using unsecured personal applications. This means cybercriminals could have easy access to valuable data, trade secrets, and corporate intellectual property.nbsp;About half of these employees who use personal apps forpany information say they do it every day. That means confidential information is being regularly transmitted outside of apanyrsquo;s security protocols, leavingpanies open and at risk of malware and breaches.Manyanizations didnrsquo;t have business continuity plans as the pandemic spread, and suddenly, they had toe up with remote work and security protocols mdash; often without an idea of how to implement or even enforce them..

Remote work cybersecurity: 12 risks and how to prevent them TechTarget

Remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic drove a 238 increase in cyber attacks, according to a March 2022 report by Alliance Virtual Offices, which provides services to the remote workforce. And Gartner’s “7 top trends in cybersecurity for 2022” called the expansion of the attack surface that came with remote work and the increasing use of public cloud a major area of cybersecurity concern. Trends such as these have made security improvements for remote employees and risk-based vulnerability management the “most urgent projects” in 2022 for 78 of CISOs surveyed by security software provider Lumu Technologies.A remote work environment can raise the risk of a data breach or other cyber attack for several reasons, according to multiple security experts..

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Free Cybersecurity and frastructure Security Agency (CISA) ransomware resources to help reduce your risk.

Why Remote Work Security Is Everyone’s Responsibility

Hybrid work has gone from a new experiment to simply the default way we work. But the rise of remote work has also seen a significant rise in cyberattacks directly exploiting the work from home situation. From evolved ransomware threats to login credential theft, our distributed workforces are under attack from aggressive and devious bad actors. This has made the CISO and other enterprise security experts more important than ever.However, these experts cannot carry the security burden alone. As risks proliferate and demand increases, it is all too easy for cybersecurity staff to be burnt out and stretched thin. This explains why 85 percent of security decision makers view security as a shared responsibility, and 73 percent believe their workforce is highly aware of potential security risks..

Remote Work Security Survey Results: Is Remote Work Really Secure?

If you are like Microsoft and suddenly find yourself supporting a primarily home-based workforce, we want to help you ensure youranization is working as securely as possible. This article prioritizes tasks to help security teams implement the most important security capabilities as quickly as possible.For customers using our enterprise plans, Microsoft rmends youplete the tasks listed in the following table that apply to your service plan. If, instead of purchasing a Microsoft 365 enterprise plan, you arebining subscriptions, note the following:Before you begin, check your Microsoft 365 Secure Score in the Microsoft 365 Defender portal. From a centralized dashboard, you can monitor and improve the security for your Microsoft 365 identities, data, apps, devices, and infrastructure..

Remote Work Security Survey Results: Is Remote Work Really Secure?

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Remote work cybersecurity: 12 risks and how to prevent them TechTarget

this blog, we will share how you can increase security for on-premises and hybrid infrastructure through offerings including Azure Arc, Microsoft Defender for Cloud, and Secured-core for Azure Stack HCI.Results from a Forrester TEI study show that customers who secure apps with Microsoft Azure Active Directory can improve user productivity, reduce costs, and gain IT efficiencies to generate a 123 percent ROI.The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our daily routines, the ways we work, and our reliance on technology. As we spend more time online, it’s more important than ever to remember the basics of online safety have not changed..

Top 12 tasks for security teams to support working from home Microsoft Learn

Thank you for these great tips. I have been wondering how to maintain security of our server when we have over 50 staffs working from their different homes. These ideas have proved to be very useful. Thanks for sharing..

PandemicDriven Remote Working and Risk Management Strategies

While working from home is convenient and has many benefits, it also exposes both individuals and businesses to a range of cybersecurity risks. That’s why it is essential to give serious consideration to home cybersecurity. following best practices, you can mitigate most cybersecurity work from home threats quite easily.With the rise in remote working, certain cybersecurity threats – in particular, phishing – have be more prevalent. A key issue is that, in most workplaces, an IT team will take care of cybersecurity within the office. With a distributed workforce working remotely, staff have to pay more attention to cybersecurity threats themselves..

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Employers should also consider new applications that staff may need to work — new collaboration tools in the form of chat rooms, videoconferencing or document sharing, for example: NCSC has separate guidance on implementing cloud services.Create written guides and how-to documents for new software that staff will be using, or existing applications that will be used in a different way, or even more basic elements like’How to log into and use an online collaboration tool’.nbsp;Make sure that staff know what to do if their device is lost or stolen. That includes who to report it to: staff who fear getting into trouble are less likely to report lost devices quickly, so make sure it can be done in a blame-free way..