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The boom of remote working: A review of the trends and legal issues for panies The Management Blog

There is a significant mismatch between the explosion of nontraditional work and the legal framework that should protect the rights of those working remotely. Let’s take a look at the trends and legal issues affecting professionals and employees working from home.When ites to location, there is a significant number of professionals who use different kinds of solutions. The Global Workspace Survey produced by IWG, a Swiss provider of serviced offices and coworking spaces, highlights this clearly. “Many types of workers are using variousbinations of workplace solutions that include home working, business lounges, and remote offices, as well as traditional office locations, rather than espousing a single solution..

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Working from a distance and working at home are not new phenomena but the relevance of their measurement has increased, not least due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This notes provide guidance to data producers on how the four different concepts of remote work, telework, work at home and home-based work should be statistically understood, how they relate to each other, and how they can be measured through a household survey..

The boom of remote working: A review of the trends and legal issues for panies The Management Blog

Cab announced on Wednesday (9th November) that it has agreed to scrap the draft Right to Request Remote Working Bill and instead deliver the new workersrsquo; rights in the Work-Life Balance Bill, which is currently making its way through the Oireachtas.The lsquo;right to requestrsquo; legislation had previously been described as ldquo;fatally flawedrdquo; by Foacute;rsa and the Irish Congress of Trade Unions (ICTU), and in need of major amendments. The new legislation has been developed as a result of extensive engagement between government departments, trade unions and employers.ICTU general secretary Owen Reidy said integrating the two pieces of legislation will deliver workers a statutory right to request remote working before the end of this year, months ahead of the expected schedule..

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“The law is badly written and doesn’t meet anybody’s needs,” said José Pedro Anacoreta, an employment lawyer at PLMJ, one of Portugal’s main legal firms. “It’s no good for anyone. . It doesn’t make any sense”.Amid such a sudden and massive shift in the employment landscape, governments are scrambling to amodate working from home in their employment laws. Those efforts are largely still in their infancy.During the pandemic, some countries have rmended teleworking. Others – like Portugal – have demanded it. Most EU countries have specific legislation on remote working, though with different approaches, and others are considering it through amendments, extensions, or conventions..

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a submission to the Oireachtasmittee charged with scrutinising the new laws, the union says employers should be obliged to give objective reasons if they refuse an employeersquo;s request to work from home. And it says the long list of grounds for refusal set out in the first draft of the proposed law is far too extensive.Unions also say staff should have a legal right to appeal to the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) if their employer turns down a request. As currently written, the bill only allows for aplaint to the WRC on technical grounds. It doesnrsquo;t allow an employee to appeal the reason for refusing the request..

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no travel costs, usually 8 hours of work without having to spend time travelling, flexibility related to the possibility of doing some minor household activities during work, longer childcare or longer time with the family, casual dress code, lower levels of infection from seasonal flu, fewer sick leaves during the season or even the possibility of continuing work (or study) for people with mild colds, etcFor each of them some key elements are underlined. For instance, the need to consider that the definition of “place of remote work” has implication on the employer’s responsibility for occupational health and safety conditions at work or the importance to liaise with trade unions when elaborating the internal regulations toanise remote working..

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‘Affiliate Content’ is used to describe content that contains affiliate links. Euronews ispensated for the products and services linked to this article. This content is produced by Euronews affiliates and does not involve Euronews editorial staff or news journalists.‘Affiliate Content’ is used to describe content that contains affiliate links. Euronews ispensated for the products and services linked to this article. This content is produced by Euronews affiliates and does not involve Euronews editorial staff or news journalists.If implemented, the new law will force employees to consider employees requests to work remotely, as long as their profession allows it. It follows in the wake of a 2020 Royal Decree-Law implemented in Spain that protects workers’ rights to work remotely..

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One of the most important changes to employment law in Poland in 2023 will be the formal regulation of remote work. Companies that allow their employees to work from home should adapt their employment contracts and work regulations accordingly. The amendments to the Labour Code are expected toe into force in early 2023. the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, working from home (also known as, home office or remote work) has be extremely popular. Remote work is now an integral part of many workplaces. The ability to work from home is bing the norm in the post-pandemic workforce.The introduction of remote work must be mutually agreed between the employer and the employee, say the Ecovis experts..

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Remote work makes many parts of the job easier – and cheaper. Avoid themon pitfalls with the right policies and procedures in place. Consulting with your human resources team (or an employment lawyer if necessary) to ensurepliance can be crucial in managing your virtual workplace risks.Ensurepliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 and establish a process within your teams for work during non-standard business hours and amodations for time zones and schedule adjustments.Timekeeping tools:nbsp;Avoid discrepancies in remote-employee claims around required meal periods, rest breaks, and overtime by implementing appropriate timekeeping methods. Monitor the reports and remind non-exempt employees to stay within the agreed parameters..

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The Irish Congress of Trade Unions (Ictu) condemned it as largely toothless and “stacked in favour of the employer at every turn”, while employers’ group Ibec portrayed it as a cumbersome piece of legislation that would impose drastic new obligations on businesses.During themittee meeting on Wednesday, attended remotely by representatives from Ictu and Ibec, it was stressed that remote working is one of the few good things to emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic.Maeve McElwee, director of employer relations at Ibec, stressed that, while the group is not opposed to remote working, the Bill raises plex considerations” and the threat of a “significant cost impact”..