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How to Build a Great Remote Company Culture

As a founder or manager, this isn’t a decision to take lightly, because it will undoubtedly make your job harder. Remote teams require more structure, bettermunication, and a high level of proactive transparency from you.We’ve made our fair share of mistakes and learned a lot over the last seven-plus years. My goal is to share the most important learnings, along with the data, so you can apply at least one insight (whether you are remote or not) to your team.There are a number of reasons why I’m passionate about remote work, but the most important reason is talent. What’s most exciting to me in life is working with people who are a lot better than me and who force me to learn at a high rate..

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As business leaders continue to navigate their post-pandemic workplace policies, many wonder whether remote options should be a part of the plan. One of their biggest worries: whether it will take a toll on theirpany’s culture. Fortunately, a fewpanies that have operated remotely since inception offered their suggestions on how to go about creating and maintaining culture while having a distributed workforce.Companies including software development platform GitLab, social media marketing software firm Buffer and workflow automation platform Zapier were established as remotepanies from the very beginning. Corel, a Canadian graphics softwarepany, adopted a permanent remote-first policy during the pandemic. Here’s the advice they offered to leaders looking to create a robust culture..

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This article is here to walk you through the process of creating a strong, positive culture for your remotepany. Creating culture is an ongoing process, not a quick fix. Bookmark this post so you cane back to it as you grow.Remote work culture is made of the habits, beliefs, and behaviors that your team shares. That includes the ways employees connect with each other and with you. If you used to work in the same office, it’s probably similar to the culture you had there.teractions between distributed employees are virtual. Culture is built and spread by the connections between people, so your remote culture is more heavily influenced by the technology you use to connect..

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Jasmine is an HR director at a multinationalpany and she’s been tasked with building a new employee remote work policy. Herpany is now moving operations fully remote and she’s writing down the official adjustments. While updating the policy, Jasmine realized that the key focal point was in operational changes, for instance work schedules, internalmunication procedures and so forth. “But what about remote work culture?” she wonders. “There is nothing in here about that!”Excellent point, Jasmine. To ensure high employee morale and engagement when going remotely, listing logistical changes in a brand new policy won’t make a huge impact; it’s your remote work culture that’s going to play that part because you need the willing participation – the buy-in – of everyone in this new setup for it to actually succeed..

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Within just a few weeks earlier this year, the COVID-19 pandemic triggered a massive shift to remote work that may change the office as we know it forever. Many largepanies are urging employees to work from home for months toe, and some CFOs are making plans to shed office real estate and permanently move some portion of their workforces to remote working. With such a swift and large-scale exodus of white-collar workers from their offices, it’s no surprise that some feel nostalgic for even the mundane facets of office life: the cubicle mazes, bad coffee, and watercooler conversation. What makes office life meaningful for many, though, is that it helps sustainanizational culture — the largely taken-for-granted beliefs and practices that underpin how people work together..

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Yourpany culture defines youranization. It is abination of thepany’s values, goals, and mission. Moreover, culture is not something that is built overnight. It takes continuous effort from the leadership, HR department, and the employees themselves.But when employees work remotely and don’t have enough face-to-face interactions, creating apany culture that successfully reaches across all the different verticals and locations can be a big challenge.Culture can be defined as the social order within theanization. It shapes the behavior, attitude, and people of thepany. The cultural norms of thepany define what is accepted, rejected, encouraged, and discouraged within theanization. When correctly aligned with personal needs and values, culture can help achieve the sharedanizational goals..

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Company culture impacts every facet of the work experience and trickles down to bottom line oues like productivity, retention, and revenue. Make that impact matter more with thesepany culture ideas from industry experts..

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Julia Cummings, a Los Angeles-based remote worker for a software start-up, said that in her job, she has access to nearly anything she might need. She can check herpany’s financial performance, see co-workers’ salaries and view shared notes from all meetings — even ones she didn’t attend. She gets reimbursed for unlimited books and receives a $1,000 annual stipend for development. Thepany’s required minimum vacation policy of 15 days in addition to time off for mental health helps her avoid burnout. She has a “role buddy,” who helped her navigate her position, and a buddy to keep her connected to thepany culture..

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Qamp;A: Dropbox exec outlinespany039;s journey into a remote-work worldRELATED STORIESHiring across borders is tough. Global HR startups aim to helpSPONSORED BY Advertiser Name HereSponsored item title goes here as designedThe best remote tech jobs for 2023Planning a full return to the office? Beware 039;a stampede of top talent039;With many big-namepanies embracing all-remote work, either by allowing workers to be fully virtual or by eliminating offices, a question arises: does that hurtpany culture and employee connectedness?..