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FreelancingHub is an exciting and innovative work-integrated learning initiative designed to develop work-ready graduates. Working in cross-disciplinary, cross-cultural teams you will work together to develop solutions for a not-for-profit ormunityanisation. Each project team is assigned an experienced industry mentor/project manager.You’ll have the opportunity to explore working-for-self as a professional freelancer within a co-working space while developing key employability skills such asmunication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking.A FreelancingHUB internship will assist students to build skills in professionalmunication, team and client collaboration, project planning and scoping, report-writing, research, stakeholder engagement, delivering presentations and much, much more. Students will experience ‘life as a consultant’ and draw on their discipline-specific knowledge throughout the project..

Speakers Bank Works with DEAKIN University’s Freelancing Hub Speakers Bank

The initial ideas surrounding what the Speakers Bank Social Enterprise program would look like started as two projects of DEAKIN University’s Freelancing Hub in 2018. Freelancing Hub is coordinated by Dr. Jamie Mustard, assisted by Sharon Berman. Students developed ideas and strategic plans around developing additional services and programs for Speakers Bank and how to utiliseworks and connections to get some of its activities up and running. We expect to continue working with DEAKIN for our future strategic plans..

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Deakin Freelancing Hub: ternship (Project: Cycling Victoria)

Deakin Freelancing Hub is an ternship Placement for students, where students will produce work for a real client with a real business problem. The project I undertook is Cycling Victoria and worked with another five students as a team. this Freelancing Hub ternship, I allocated with another five students from different disciplines as a team to work with Cycling Victoria project. The internship started from the middle of July to early of October in 2017, I have learned various actual workplace skills and knowledge, had some difficulties during the project, but we found out some solutions to ovee, and received positive feedback from our client and Operations Manager of Freelancing Hub at the end of our presentation..

See how Dheeraj went from zero work experience to scoring a fulltime job in his field – Deakin Life

Getting your first job out of uni can seem impossible. For me, taking the first step was my biggest struggle. I8217;m Dheeraj, a recent Deakin graduate in Master of IT specialising in Data Analytics. As an international student who came up against quite a few challenges, I would like to encourage any peers who are doubting if they can do this, that yes8230; you can.Spending only two days a week on work, I essentially had five days of free time to use as I pleased. At the start of my degree, I used to visit the university for all five days..

Deakin Business School Studying “down under” delivers top results

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Deakin University Hub to be set up at Chitkara University Hindustan Times

Deakin University, Australia, has announced the establishment of its varsity hub on the Chitkara University campus. The announcement was made tomemorate dia’s 75 years of dependence and almost three decades of Deakin’s engagement with dia.Over the past years, Deakin University through its offices in New Delhi has setup innovative models of study with Chitkara University in software and mechatronics engineering. These study pathways facilitate dian students to study two years of Deakin University’s licensed curriculum at Chitkara University before transferring for the remaining two years onshore at Deakin University in Australia.The hub will act as the central point of all engagement activities for the pathway programmes and will foster collaboration and deliver the key objective of the National Education Policy, namely the internationalisation of education..

Deakin University : Ranking

Deakin is well known for top quality facilities, research and teaching as well innovation and inclusiveness. 2019 we were named the No. 1 university in the Australian state of Victoria for undergraduate employment oues. Add to that our place in the top 1 of universities worldwide, and you can see why our world-class education attracts students from all over the globe. And they are happy once they get here – tertiary students have rated Deakin as Australia’s number one public university for the ‘overall student experience’.As we move into an increasingly digital future, Deakin has invested in the latest technology, state-of-the-art learning tools and facilities to ensure our students are equipped with the skills and knowledge required for the jobs of tomorrow..

Deakin Freelancing Hub: ternship (Project: Cycling Victoria)

Be a versatilemunications expert, specialising in areas like advertising, digital and social media, journalism and public relations. You’ll discover how to utilise your creativity and the latest technology to craft content that makes an impact in the modern media landscape.Harness your passion formunication and meet some of the brightest minds in the industry when you studymunication at Deakin. You’ll learn in purpose-built facilities, gain hands-on experience in the field and graduate with a portfolio of work and a strong professionalwork, ready to thrive in your future career. If you’ve always wanted to try your hand at reporting, implementing digital media content strategies or creating inspiring campaigns or events, you’ll have your chance while studying at Deakin..

See how Dheeraj went from zero work experience to scoring a fulltime job in his field – Deakin Life

The film, television and animation courses at Deakin create work-ready graduates supported by industry partnerships and the latest technology. With 40-years experience in remote and online learning, Deakin tailors to the needs of individual students.While many education institutions have had to quickly pivot online in the wake of forced lockdowns with the coronavirus pandemic, for Deakin it’s been largely business as usual. They have been 8216;doing digital8217; for some time, and are known for delivering distance and online learning, as well as studio-based teaching.
While the campus is not currently accessible for face-to-face classes, Woodcock said ‘that legacy of being a university founded on correspondence learning, and one that shifted to the digital environment early on, meant that we were quick to have teaching units available wholly online..