can we do freelancing while working in tcs

Is it illegal in dia to do freelancing along with full time job in an IT pany? Quora

Is it legal to work freelance while you are employed full time in an anization (particularly in dia? Quora

Can I work as a freelancer if I have only 23 hours free daily? Quora

Can I work as a freelancer while working in TCS? Quora
Can I work as a freelancer while working in TCS? Quora

Being in TCS or Accentur

MUMBAI|NEW DELHI: 27-year-old Suresh Krishna (name changed) has a 9-to-5 job as a coder with a mid-sized dian IT firm in New Delhi. Once he gets home, Krishna logs on and starts coding again – this time for a private client overseas.Across dia, tens of thousands of coders on the rolls of marquee dian IT service firms are moonlighting, after work and on weekends, for clients halfway across the world. There’s also a new set ofpanies connecting these moonlighters with customers.San Francisco-headquartered Appirio, backed by Sequoia, General Atlantic, Saleforce and Fidelity, wants to help enterprises ‘crowdsource’ talent for IT projects such as building mobile applications..

Can I work as a freelancer while working in TCS? Quora – is a popular dian Business, Technology, Mobile amp; Startup blog featuring trending News, views and analytical take on Technology, Business, Finance, Tel, Mobile, startups amp; Social Media Spaceformationing in from TCS (and this letter) indicates that mid-level managers and consultants are being targeted for mass layoffs, which was never seen in TCS in recent history. AST or Assistant Consultants with Band D, who have shown little or no improvement in the last 2 years, along with ASOC (Project Managers) who are band C and above, and other middle to higher level managers are those which are in the firing line..

Can I work as a freelancer while working in TCS? Quora

Well I have and depends on the kind of work you’re doing through the freelance website. If it’s not for apetition or apletely different kind of job, do it freely. If it’s a similar kind of work, then make sure yourpany doesn’t know it and the otherpany just have a simple process in place for payouts.Secondly, I have seen my colleagues having several small businesses of their own which are different than IT ‘products’. this case, thepany is chill as the employees have a different side ‘business’ and not an ’employee’ for anotherpetition.See, as long as you current employer isn’t aware of it you should be fine..

Can I work as a freelancer while working in TCS? Quora

terference with current employment and duty of loyalty.nbsp;During employment, the employee agrees to devote their full time and attention to the business and affairs of the employer and to use their best efforts to perform their responsibilities faithfully and efficiently. Your freelance business can8217;t substantially interfere, affect, orpete with the duties of your current employment. You shouldn8217;t show up for work tired, late, or unprepared. The duty of loyalty requires you to not do anything that would harm your employer.You shouldn8217;t use your employer8217;s resources to perform your freelance activities, i.e. you can8217;t do your freelance work during your work time or while using the equipment you8217;ve been provided with by your employer panyputer, phone, car, or otherpany property)..

How dian techies are coding freelance for clients halfway across the world The Economic Times

First, you need to clarify what’s your purpose behind freelancing while being employed. Many people want to earn some extra money. Others want to have an alternative option, and few others want to simply try it out. So, have your purpose clear before starting off.Depending on the nature of work, and the terms of thepany that you are placed in, you will get a better idea. The question is not about your choice and will, but aboutpanies’ legal policies too. Here is an in-depth insight into the same. Canada, IT-related jobs are increasing tremendously. So if you are employed in Canada, you are most likely to be working for an IT firm..